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Want To Be A Leader? Tips For A Winning Headshot.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

We all want to put our best foot forward! In this digital age, everyone needs to have an up-to-date, impactful headshot. We should all be updating our headshots every 5 years.

As a headshot photographer, I get asked questions on how to look one's best for the shoot. I have compiled some advice to get the best outcome.

Choosing a Photographer

Spend the money on a professional - Quality is everything in a headshot

Natural light or studio?

Do you like their portfolio?

Prepping for the Session

Drink plenty of water the day before to hydrate skin and lips

Get a good night sleep

Spend some time in the mirror practicing smile sizes


Wear what you typically wear for work. The brand / image you want to portray

Avoid pinstripes as they create moire in images

Avoid white or grey, to have more contrast with the background

Scarfs and large jewelry are too distracting, the focus should be on your face

Keeps patterns simple and not too large or busy

Avoid trends, think timeless

Shirts with cut-out shoulders should be avoided

If possible, choose your color of wardrobe based on your eye color

Do not wear a work logo shirt, unless you are sure you will remain there for at least 5 years.

If you wear glasses, bring all pairs that you have - and clean the lenses


Arrive with clean hair

Get your roots touched up if applicable

Trim your style and bangs - Do not try out a new style!

Bring a hairbrush, comb and styling products


If possible, I always recommend professionally applied make-up

Limit the amount of moisturizer you apply that day

Avoid foundation and powder that has SPF in it - it reflects the light, creating skin shine

Less is more, trust me, go a little lighter than typical on eyeshadow

Wear a light lip color with a touch of shine - bring it with you for touch ups

The Session

Take a deep breath - Most people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera

Trust your photographer - They will study your face and know how to shoot it for best results

Do not panic if you do not like your images when proofing - the final edited product will be superior

Best of luck preparing for your headshot! If you have not found a photographer yet, I would love to be considered! I have taken thousands of headshots, and strive to take the best picture you have ever seen of yourself!

- Jen

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