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The Power of a Headshot

The Polished Look

A little after and before. These were David's previous Linkedin images.

The importance of a headshot is paramount! You want people to do business with you, recommend you, or HIRE you. You need a professional headshot. Period. People form an opinion of you in a fraction of a must put your best foot forward!

We are living in a digital age, you need to think about your digital persona. Any potential client, business owner or hiring company can pull you up on Linkedin or Facebook within seconds. I guarantee you, they are checking. Let's face it, we live in an image fueled you need a headshot, a professional headshot...the best image you have ever seen of yourself.

When should I get a headshot?

- When you start your career

- Every 5 years (at least)

- When looking for a new job

- When starting a new business

- When your image changes

David (above) came to me when starting a new business, and looking for investors. Which of the 4 images would you trust with your capital - Yes! The new headshot. It conveys professionalism, expertise, confidence and trust. Was he thrilled? Yes, his personal brand has been refreshed and revitalized.

Do you need a refresh? I specialize in branding sessions. You will leave with images that help you put your best digital foot forward!


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