About Jen

Hi, Jen here!

I love meeting people, and adore photography...so headshot photography has been a great career choice. 

Not only am I obsessed with getting a technically flawless image, I also want you to have a great experience and walk away with the best image you have ever seen of yourself!

Come to my studio, and you will have a fun and relaxed experience! My goal is to capture your brand and individuality!

"Jen creates a remarkable photographic experience everytime! Jen captures the essence of vitality and genuineness through her photographic excellence!"

- Robert August, North Star Synergies 

"Jen, thanks so much for these headshots, they're great! I wanted to let you know that the photo shoot was easy and kinda fun, but the results are very impressive. Loved working with your fun personality and had a great time but those results were seriously good and worth every penny! You have such a great eye for the initial shot which I'm sure has a ton of technique behind it – you made it look easy. I know in my case, the Curate team gave it a good work over which rendered a stunning, professional, cross-platform ready photo. I will be sending all my business partners to see your team at CurateHeadshots.com! You made me look great! Thanks!"

-David Johnson, Denver GS

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